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By processuspa29765258, Mar 14 2017 07:48PM

In our most intimate relationships, we humans experience some of our deepest joys and some of our greatest challenges in life. We bring to these connections our hopes and dreams, along with our fears and vulnerabilities. We bring our needs and our wounds, our ways of understanding and our ways of communicating. We bring our rules – largely unspoken - and our customary ways of operating – largely influenced by our families, our genders and our social networks.

Inevitably, perhaps after an initial “honeymoon”, we collide. We get surprised and discouraged by our differences. We get stuck in patterns of conflict or avoidance. Often, the harder we try to get unstuck, the more stuck we become. Becoming a couple, we discover, is much more difficult that we had imagined.

At Processus, we see the opportunities for growth and deeper connection in these collisions. We help you navigate the rapids and doldrums of relationship. We help you see the opportunities for growth that relational challenges provide. We help you understand yourselves and each other in compassionate ways. We offer tools and skills to help you interrupt old patterns and move toward win-win solutions, deeper friendship and more vibrant engagement.

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