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You don't need to go through life’s difficult and confusing times on your own. Our personal and dedicated experts are here to guide you. Get the individualized attention that you are looking for.

Processus offers a wide array of counseling, therapy and psychiatric services for adults, adolescents and children. We are preferred providers for several health plans including: BCBS, Preferred- One, HealthPartners, Medica/UBH, Select Care, Medical Assistance, and others.

Understand more about our programs and therapy services

Counseling is a joint effort, a collaboration with a trained professional, an opportunity to explore and discover, to problem-solve and heal--all in a climate of support and respect.  Like most adventures, sometimes counseling is enjoyable and exciting; and sometimes it is painful and hard.


The First Visit: Your counselor will work with you to clarify the reasons you are seeking help and the nature of your particular circumstances.  He or she will seek to determine the most suitable professional resources for you.  You might be guided to a different counselor whose expertise is more relevant to your needs, to a group experience or to one of our special programs.  Whatever the decision your counselor will work sensitively with you to arrive at a clear, mutual agreement about your next step.

What is the counseling process?

Counseling and therapy services

How Confidential Is the Counseling Process?


Processus is committed to the highest standard of confidentiality and client privacy. Each provider is professionally bound to a strict standard of confidentiality and the clinic staff rigorously enforce procedures that ensure control of information. The extent of and limits to confidentiality are carefully spelled out in the Client Rights and Data Privacy Policy which you are given prior to your first session.


Except in certain clearly dangerous or legally mandated situations, no information about your involvement with Processus will be released without your written permission.

What About the Costs of Counseling?

Payment for counseling services (individual or group) is usually based on an hourly fee. Your payment options are cash, credit card or health insurance. Our experienced administrative staff will collaborate with you to identify the payment options available and help you select the one most suitable to your needs.


If insurance is not used and you pay for the session at that time, Processus will offer you a discounted hourly rate. Processus' payment policy is to see to it that financial issues do not block your access to counseling.


Payment plans can be arranged with our business office. MasterCard and Visa are accepted.  See our current billing policy.

When You Call to Inquire About a First Counseling Appointment

A member of our office staff will assist you in setting an appointment with a counselor. If you do not have a particular counselor in mind, the staff member will briefly inquire about your general concerns and wishes, try to answer any questions you may have, and schedule you for an initial counseling session. They will try to accommodate special scheduling needs whenever possible.

Counseling Services

Concerns brought most frequently to counseling:


•  Couples Conflict

•  Family Conflict

•  Parent-Child Problems

•  Child Needs

•  Career Change

•  Job Stress

•  Life Transitions

•  Coping with Chronic Illness

•  Spirituality Concerns

•  Depression

•  Anxiety

•  Recovery from Trauma and Abuse

•  Grief and Loss

•  Sexuality and Sexual Orientation Questions

•  Sexual Problems

•  Addictive and Compulsive Disorders

•  Coping with Chronic Pain

Your affordable sessions are based on an hourly fee. We accept cash, credit cards, and health insurance. Discounts are available if you don’t use insurance as part of your payment. Ask about our flexible payment options.